Actiris language courses

Improve your language skills to double your chances of getting a job in Brussels

Free courses reserved for job seekers.

  • Register at the Actiris unit of your municipality and then at the CPSU.
  • 3 / 4 times a week.
  • Small groups (maximum 15 students)

The detailed course schedule is mentioned on the French version of our website. 


Daytime courses (Actiris)

Niveau UFDA (apprentissage de la langue)

Niveau UFDB (apprentissage 2 de la langue)


Niveau 1 (A1)
Niveau 2 (A2)
Niveau 3 (B1.1)

    Niveau 4 (B1.2)


Niveau 1 (A1)
Niveau 2 (A2)
Niveau 3 (B1.1)